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healthier food for a healthier community


The SOS Foundation is as successful as it is today because of volunteers. Without the help from the community, the Foundation wouldn't be where it is today. Become a volunteer and join our team! 

Share Your Story

Being we're a non-profit, donations are one of the main ways we are able to fund our current programs, expand, and begin new ones. If you believe in our movement of ending hunger in Monroe County, donate today! 

Get Involved 

There are many ways to give back to your community through the SOS Foundation. You can volunteer at one of our sites, start a food drive, share your story, or donate! 


The best way to get your voice heard and help SOS increase its impact on the community, is by sharing your experience. If SOS has changed your life and has become a support system for you and your family, share your story today! 

If you don't have much time to volunteer but would like to make an impact, starting a food drive is the way to go! Learn how to give back to your community by starting a food drive for the SOS Foundation! 

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