The  SOS Foundation

The SOS Foundation is always looking to provide larger quantities of fresh produce, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible. With limited funding and outdoor space to have a garden, it can be a challenge to have these healthier items on hand. The solution to this problem is the tower garden, which allows us to grow organic fresh produce in doors without taking up space, using large amounts of water or any pesticides. The Tower Garden not only provides healthy produce, but it also decreases our impact on the natural environment. This system uses 80% less water and land than conventional farming. And SOS plans to use this system as an educational tool, bringing the Tower Garden to sites around the community for our Nutrition Education Program. By children seeing first-hand how their food is grown, there are not only more connected to the physical environment but are also excited to eat healthier food. It's a system that will benefit the Foundation and community!

New Progress

SOS Community Kitchen Plans
Location: 1300 White Street Rear, Key West FL 33040
Size: 3,900 Square Feet
Potential Production: + 1,000 meals a day

Check Out the Progression of the Community Kitchen from this Angle!!

The new SOS Community Kitchen currently under construction is expected to be complete October of 2017. It comes to no surprise why this project has been supported by many individuals and businesses in the community providing labor, equipment, and time at no cost, such as the Charley Toppino & Sons, the Spottswoods, KeyStar Inc., Sunbelt Rentals, and much more! 

This Community Kitchen is expected to provide + 1,000 meals per day that will be delivered to other sites in Monroe County stretching from Key West to Key Largo. These sites such as the Boys and Girls Club, Childcare Centers, and Senior Centers have individuals that are low-income and require the additional food security in order to thrive in Monroe County. With 49% of the citizens in Monroe struggling financially, the SOS Community Kitchen is able to supplement their dietary needs and ease strain on the families living in the County.   

Be a part of helping SOS grow a healthier community today!

Sustainable Gardening Revolutionizing SOS

NEW SOS Community Kitchen Under Construction