The  SOS Foundation

Nutrition Education Program

Via the Community Kitchen, SOS’s Registered Dietician conducts nutrition education classes and interactive cooking demonstrations, both of which are intended to teach clients how to maintain and improve their health through the food choices they make and the techniques they use to prepare their food. SOS makes available nutrition resources that may not be readily available to low-income clients in an effort to 1) magnify the benefits of our healthy food distributions at the SOS Food Pantry, and 2) adopt a more comprehensive approach to addressing food insecurity and chronic, food-related illnesses.

The Nutrition Education Program is currently serving the Boys and Girls club children in order to teach them nutrition in a fun and comprehensive way. The program is expected to yield over 36 nutrition classes in the course by April, allowing each child 5 to 6 courses each. The program is expected to serve other after school programs and into the adult nutrition sessions.