The  SOS Foundation


40% of the food in the United States never reaches the dinner table and is thrown into the environment to decompose and lose its value. Utilizing food that would otherwise be wasted is the most efficient way to address the epidemic of hunger facing our community, and since 2006 the Star of the Sea Outreach Mission has been recovering this perfectly edible food and redirecting it to dinner tables, resulting in over 3 million pounds of food to be utilized.  With the food that can't be recovered, we have high efforts in composting the produce, through a partnership with the GLEE Community Garden. 

The SOS Foundation alone in 2016 has distributed over 1.8 million pounds of food to the working poor throughout Monroe County. Allowing our clients to have the supplemental nutrition they need at no cost, so they can afford their rent, bills, or any other expenses. Resulting in growth to our local economy.

With over half of Monroe County residents struggling with the cost of living and lack of affordable housing, the SOS Foundations steps in to ensure that all families or individuals have the food support they need so they can concentrate on other aspects of life that will help them reach their goal of lifting out of poverty.

Our Impact