The  SOS Foundation

Our food pantry serves Monroe County and is the largest in South Florida. Alone in 2016, we distributed over 1,800,000 pounds of food to families in our community. 

What We Do

Nutrition Education Program

Food Pantry

Community Kitchen

Our Impact

This program began in 2017 by partnering with the Boys and Girls Club in offering nutrition lessons to children during their after-school program. With a goal of expanding into teaching nutrition education to more sites in the future. 

The community kitchen serves after school programs with healthy snacks and meals for children to enjoy and receive proper nutrition. With a goal of expanding its efforts into providing meals to the elderly. 

As a Foundation, we have expanded our efforts into 3 main programs: Our Food Pantry, a Central Kitchen, and a Nutrition Education Program. Which has allows us to create a significant impact in all aspects of our community. 

With our efforts throughout Monroe County and expanding into multiple programs, we have a significant impact on the social, environmental, and economic realms. Allowing our community to improve in all aspects of life.